Introducing the new standard for home security. Ram-Lock transforms the weakest piece of door security into the most reliable part of your property security. The wood jamb is ALWAYS the weakest piece of door security, yet other products mount to the doorjamb with a weight-bearing screw. Ram-Lock is the only product that eliminates all stress from the jamb and transfers it to the wall construction. This patent pending lock is FEMA approved for mitigating wind damage and tested to withstand Category V (in excess of 156 mph) hurricane strength winds...not to mention a size 12 boot.

"FINALLY a smart product at a reasonable price installed by teaching and concerned vendor who gets how important security is to the multi-family housing industry." - Brenda Asbury, National Speaker for the Affordable Housing Industry

Protects Against Intruders

The great majority of home intrusions occur through the front door. Door failure is not because of security hardware, such as the deadbolt, but rather the structural weakness of the door facing and molding once the cavity is drilled to receive the deadbolt throw.

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Ram-Lock marries the rigidity of steel to the strength of the wall of your building to create a security that cannot be breached by the common criminal's size 12 boot.

Protects Against Nature

Ram-Lock was tested using an air cannon firing an 8-foot 2 x 4 stud from 16 feet away. Using a 60 psi air charge the 2 x 4 travelled at 23 feet per second resulting in an impact equivalent to a 156 mile per hour wind - stronger than Hurrican Katrina. Ram-Lock did not budge.

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As testing continued with stronger and stronger air charges the doors buckled but Ram-Lock did not move.

Provides Peace of Mind

Security is our first concern for our loved ones. While most home intrusions are random acts of theft and violence, many are personal and targeting an individual. The Fortress Group offers Ram-Lock as a means to create a safe room inside your home or office.

The patent pending design of Ram-Lock offers two 1/2 diameter bolts that slide across the face of the door to create a second line of protection. Use this easy slide method for an interior safe room where you keep a cell phone and personal protection device.









""A police officer told me about Ram-Lock. This was the officer who responded to our tenant's call when her back door got kicked in. He told me one of his fellow officers sprained or broke his ankle while attempting to kick in a Ram-Lock-equipped door. The police department later spoke with the property owner to find out why they couldn't kick in the door and he told them that all of his properties were equipped with Ram-Lock.  The officer who spoke to me told me that he keeps a list of all of that property owner's properties so they will know if they ever need to use force to get into one of his apartments to use their spreader/puller and not risk injury.

He also attributes Ram-Lock with a reduction in the number of calls to those apartment properties in recent months." - Todd Rannow, Sunset Housing, Jacksonville, FL